IRONROCK Website Marketing

Web Analytics Services
We can provide a current snapshot and baseline, an historical comparison and/or a continuous monitoring of the quantity and quality of visitors to your website including navigation habits, bounce rates and traffic sources.

Traditional and
Online Marketing Plans
There are various methods to drive targeted traffic to your websites. The purpose and goal of your website usually dictates the best methods to employ.  In many cases, utilizing a combination of online and offline strategies can be the best approach.  We can analyze the optimal methods for your specific situation.

Other Services
* Online and eBay stores
* SEM, PPC setup and management
* eCommerce consultation and integration



Search Engine Optimization
Obtaining first page organic search rankings for the top five search engines is the goal of every online marketer.
SEO is more of a strategic, guided process rather than a one time implementation.
  We provide "best practices" improvements to your website to increase rankings:

               * Industry and competitive analysis
               * Keyphrase and keyword research and positioning
               * Title, meta tag description and keywords
               * Website structure analysis and optimization
               * Content optimization and formatting
               * Keyword density and competitive rank analysis
               * Alternate text added to all images
               * Link building and website promotion strategies
               * Search engine and directory submissions
               * Local search optimization for your target market
               * Monthly monitoring and reporting of rank status


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